Being a part of the Body

We bring different skills and talents to those around us every day. As a Christian, I believe I am part of a larger Body of the church, whose job is to bring our gifts to bear in support of other members of my “family” in good and bad times.  One of my gifts is cooking, specifically cooking for those I care about and love, but also for the occasional stranger.

A friend and fellow sister in Christ is dealing with some challenging times right now with a husband who under psychiatric care (and has been for some months) at a local hospital, and a son who is unable to go to school regularly due to debilitating migraines.  She’s also working full-time and not getting much help at home.  When I found out she could use a few meals since she is on the road visiting with her husband every night and doesn’t get home until around 9pm.

I had intended to make her roasted chicken salad but have been too busy to head to the store this week so defrosted 1 lb. of ground beef and a lb. of stew meat.  I’m not a fan of stew so would never think to make this for someone else.  I googled stew meat sauce for the heck of it and and found this recipe.  Turns out if you cook stew meat for 3-4 hours, it falls apart.  I’ve had to add water along the way and brown sugar, but its really good.

Since I always overdo it, I baked up some scones I had frozen so she’ll have a few for breakfast tomorrow.

Menu for my friend:

Friday dinner
1. Stuffed shells with meat sauce (I used the recipe on the back of the San Giorgio box) with stew meat bolognese.
2. Salad (baby spinach, carrots, cucumber and romaine)
3. White and semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies (I had portioned some left over cookie dough from last week and froze for occasions like today.)

4. Bottle of red wine (Whatever I had handy, because a glass or two of wine on a Friday with your dinner is what every mom needs. Am I right?)

Saturday noshing
1. cinnamon chip  and cranberry orange scones
2. Asian noodle salad (cabbage, carrots, red onion and cooked linguini) using sauce from my asian steak salad sauce recipe.

And while it doesn’t fix anything else in my friend’s life, I hope I’m helping her to focus on more important things than making dinner.  Its a blessing to me to serve her.  Thank goodness my husband supports this ministry by footing the bill for the food stuffs.  I love that man so much!


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