Day Light Savings Survival

Stay safe and take your time doing things this week.  According to livescience, this week often sees increase cases of heart attacks, work injuries and car accidents.  When I lived in Arizona, it was awesome not having DST.  Alaska and Hawaii also enjoy no time change.

So since I’m in Maryland, I’m eating a slice of cold, leftover pizza because its easy. And while it tastes good, its really not the best choice for what I’m calling the day after day light savings hang-over – that’s according to some interwebs “experts” who say you should stay away from processed foods and do some juicing.  Since our pizza was homemade, I’m in the clear.

Our house is usually good at preparing for “magic clock day,” but this year we dropped the ball and woke up Sunday morning having completely forgotten it was DST.

Since then, I’ve been a bit off and am now hitting a wall as it relates to my energy.  After a brisk walk with a friend’s dog, a good breakfast and a cup of strong coffee, I’m flagging.  I’ve been scanning google, looking for information about how best to recover from day light savings and the best I could find was this article posted on  I looked over a couple dozen and they’re terrible.  For those too impatient to wait for the page to load below is a quick list.

1. Go to bed earlier (Rocket science, I know.)

2. Drink lots of water and no caffeine 6 hours before bed (Oops! Could have used this tip last night.)

3. Don’t cyberloaf (Blogging is not loafing?)

4. Leave early (I wish I could leave early being a Stay-at-home-mom, but its not really an option.)

Additional information for perking up your week (ignore the annoyingly smiley couple and skip to the text) include this list of ideas from the House of Fraser (ignore the January timeline) and incorporating citrus into your recipes this week like this one from spade & spatula, or something off my Pinterest Drinks board (shameless plug but mostly laziness) like the Ranch Mocktail from The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu via fitsugar or Trader Joe’s yellow lemonade (why not bring in a bit of summer, right?). I bet a Pisco sour would be good too.

Most importantly, I’ve been praying all day to be patient and for the day to go smoothly.  Its helped.

And because I still have a little one who naps, I’m headed over to my own bed to rest for a few before I pick up the boys from the bus.

I’d love to hear your suggestions and for spring day light savings day survival. If you post a comment, I’ll bake you something with citrus in it (you’ll need to give me your mailing address, though :)).



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