Roasted tomatoes + chicken fat = Best pan sauce

So I had a bunch of bone-in chicken thighs defrosted for dinner but unlike my husband, I have the time to roast chicken and I like food that tastes like something made for people older than 8.

I got fresh basil and a pack of beautiful plum tomatoes from Trader Joe’s yesterday and thought roast chicken with roasted tomatoes, basil and cheese.

Enter my obsession with Olive Garden.  I don’t know why but I love that place.  Weird I know since I’m normally such a foodie.  I was inspired by their tuscan chicken recipe.

As usual I didn’t think about going to my pinterest dinner board for actual recipes until 4pm today. I needed a “quick roasted tomato recipe” on google and this on popped up. Unfortunately, the tomatoes aren’t caramelized so after I pan sauteed the chicken, I grabbed the tomatoes and poured off the juice into the chicken pan.  I tasted the beginnings of the pan sauce and was BLOWN AWAY!  Then I googled roasted tomato chicken pan sauce and got this bon appetit recipe.  Seems I was onto something.  I then turned off the fire on the sauce and poured off the fat and kept the rest.

Add some veggie stock (and water), and some of the roasted tomatoes to the sauce before spooning over the chicken.  Sides were leftover mashed potatoes and frozen broccoli florets.  Hey, part of making a good dinner is making new items that can go with leftovers!  Frozen veggies are a staple in our house.  I hate preparing veggies unless its buffalo cauliflower.

Once thighs were done, I lifted the crispy skin and stuffed in a basil leaf, some of the roasted tomatoes and some mozzarella cheese.  Turned out really yummy.  Two out of the three kids ate without complaints.



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