Yes, taste buds can jog a memory you don’t remember

So I wasn’t born in the U.S.  I was born in Hong Kong.

And about two years ago, I sat down for some dim sum and tasted a noodle crepe dish that jolted me down memory lane.  Except for the taste of the slight licorice in the soy sauce, I can’t remember where I ate it.  The only thing I know is that I remember the taste.

So yes, our taste buds can help us remember experiences when we have no visual or conscious memory of a time in the past.

And every time I eat that dish, I know I ate it some time when I lived in Hong Kong.  Since I was an orphan at the time, I have no idea when I might have gone to dim sum but I know I did! Or someone made it! Its like the sauce is a piece of a puzzle I don’t have the other pieces to.  Weird.

I googled the chinese dim sum noodle crepe sauce and found this.  So trying it.  I think the molasses might be what I’ve been looking for since trying to recreate this at home.  Its bitterness could be like licorice.  I can’t wait to make the noodle crepes too.  I love to recreate dishes I have in restaurants at home.  In this case, I feel like I’m reconnecting with something I forgot about when I left Hong Kong.  Maybe food is also my memory bank.  I don’t have many memories of that time in my life (I was 7 when I left to come to the U.S. through adoption).  Its nice the food is a time capsule for a life I will likely never know full details about.


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