Let the music wash over and reinvigorate you

I sit here typing as I stream my John Barry Pandora station.  This is a pretty good explanation of why I love film scores.  Sometimes I feel things (or feel so tired) that only the passive act of listening to music can soothe.

I met a fellow parent today and when we, inevitably, got to the topic of our 24/7 parental tiredness (he also has 3 kids and works at night after being with his kids all day), he asked me a simple but complex question. “What are you doing to offset/balance your fatigue?”

I said, “Praying, writing/blogging, attending parent groups and (trying to do more) exercise.”  I failed to mention listening to music.  When you’re too tired to pick up a book, there’s nothing more relaxing than passively listening to music.  Its the one activity where you just receive without needing to lift a finger (If you don’t want to.).  John Barry was a movie score producer.  Yes, I like the full range of emotion in his compositions.  The channel is awesome and I used to listen to it whenever I had to do focused writing at work.

I don’t know why I stopped listening.  Well, it will be a back in my repertoire as I continue to blog and focus on offsetting the business of life as an SAHM.

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