Refill your personal gas tank by connecting with others

One of the ways I keep sane is by connect (optimistically I try to do it monthly) with either my special blessings moms group or my bible circle organized through Fourth Presbyterian in Bethesda, MD.  I don’t know how I would have gotten through the past 4 years without those two ministries.

Tonight I went over to the house of one of the moms in the special blessings group who just welcomed baby #3 (almost 4 weeks – he was so tiny!).  All the moms there have at least one child with special needs, which adds an additional layer of challenge to parenting.

Even though I was so tired tonight, at my loving husband’s urging, I went (albeit late) to the group and am so glad I did.

That’s the funny thing about things that are good for you.  Whether its exercise, diet, mediation, or spirituality, its always hard to get started but once you come out the other side, you feel so much better!

Its so nice to go to a group that feels like putting on your favorite sweater (or hat, or jeans, shoes, etc.).  It was so necessary for me to take a few hours off from my roles at home to just “be.” Its like you carry this tension and you don’t even know you are until someone starts rubbing your shoulders.  It feels so goooood 🙂

Taking time to reach out to those who love and support you is a powerful way to recharge personal batteries.  The cost of your time (which is precious) is well worth it because it gives you the extra gas to keep on keepin’ on.  I don’t thank God enough for all the ways in which He provides.  Like a parent, He just does.  What a beautiful life we live. Thank you to The Afters for the musical reminder.

~ Becky


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