Learning from your mistakes and moving on

So I lost my iPhone 5 (which I had for a mere 3 weeks) about a month ago and have been in self-imposed punishment since (I’m now using a 3G piece of junk (POJ).  Since I’m no longer working out of the home full-time and this is the 2nd iPhone I’ve lost in the last two years, I exiled myself from what is now feeling like the rest of society it seemed a necessary means for encouraging me to realize I should be more responsible.  

The thought of buying out my Verizonwireless contract and/or purchasing a new phone for 600.00 is out of the question.  

Since the POJ doesn’t browse worth a darn and barely connected incoming calls, I hardly used it and promptly lost it last week.

This week, I’ve been been entirely without a phone, and beyond being stressed about about the inconvenience, its been enlightening.  I was pretty addicted my iPhone until it got lost and its absence from my life has made me realize how addicted to technology I have become.

Being disconnected and without funds to purchase a new iPhone, has forced me to simplify my list of “wants” for a replacement phone to a list of “needs.”

I reached out to a friend who offered to give me her Blackberry for $20 bucks (an offer that came in when I originally lost my iPhone), and shortened my list of requirements of a replacement phone to 1) a mapping function (I drive a lot and am addicted to this GPS.  I’m ok with that though.), 2) a calendar, 3) access to a web browser and 4) ability to access my yahoo email account.

So will I eagerly wait for my contract to renew?  Absolutely.  But until that time arrives, I’ll be connected (the light version), free to live my life without the distractions of my technology addiction.  

Now to pick up that Blackberry and getting back a little of my sanity!

~ Becky


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