Congress and the President Need to Own it

Owning how you feel and the state of your situation (and how you got there) will make life much more sane for you and those all around you.  It allows you to be in the best frame of mind to find solutions.  Otherwise you get mired in finger-pointing and blame which, last time I checked, does not help you achieve a zen-like state of peace or move the ball forward.  Remember my Nemo post?  Just keep swimming.

Case in point – How can Congress and the President own the government shut down?

1. Admit they screwed up.

2. Since the government is shut down anyway, focus on the biggest, most pervasive issues that will have long-term implications to this country and bring those solutions to the American people (through the hyperactive press and online communities).

4. Shut out the ridiculous “noise” of the press trying to judge them for what they screwed up on and focus on doing their JOBS – passing laws that will move this country forward and make this country a better place to live.

5. Have a dialogue with involved parties that lets go of the “how” this mess happened and focus on the steps to get us out of the mess of the debt ceiling and this country’s healthcare system.

6. Be transparent.  At least post a statement or issue a video statement (as a group)  of what you are ACTUALLY doing, even if its just incremental progress.  (It would help the public see you are doing something, even if its not effective.)

7. Accept you are going to fail far more often than succeed, and be ok with that.

8. Accept that you may very well not be re-elected and be ok with that if you can’t do your job (obviously Obama doesn’t have this to deal with).  It’ll all work out.  The Lord already knows how things will turn out, even if you don’t.

9. Move on.  If you were to discover you had a week to live, are you doing what you would want to be doing now for that last week?  If not, its time to consider a new direction.


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