Banana bread

Life is about unexpected events interrupting your plans whether they are plans for your day, your career or your life.  How you handle those interruptions is a pretty good indicator of how successful you’ll be in achieving your personal passions, professional growth or personal life.

Ever since the tree fell on our house 3 years ago, storms and tornados are pretty much my big interruption in all spheres of my life.  Whatever I have planned for the day gets compromised if we get a storm warning, which was the case this morning.


So today, since I am no longer at a 9-5 job and have to get my homework done for tonight’s class, I am opting to pray and then do a small task that is fun to keep me on track.  For me fun is almost always cooking.  And since we have some over-ripe bananas, banana bread is the fun for today.

Flour Bakery of Boston has the BEST recipe for banana bread, featured on TV Food Network’s website.  I’ve made it with no nuts and its still moist and delicious.  I don’t bake so the fact that this turned out AWESOME, yes AWESOME, says something about this recipe.

So what do storms have to do with banana bread? Nothing.  But I find by staying busy with a SHORT task, I distract myself long enough from a given interruption (the tornado warning), to get back on the road to the larger task needing my attention (2 hours of Algebra homework).

And since I’m tripling the recipe (yes, I have 9 over-ripe bananas.  Don’t judge) , we can drop off a few extra loaves to our neighborhood (that’s his car under the tree in the photo above btw), and some older ladies in my bible study who have lost their husbands, it forces me to think about others.  Funny how thinking of them takes my mind right off my own storm anxiety.

And as that bread bakes and makes the house smell cozy and warm like a Thomas Kincaid painting, I find getting my homework done not such a chore as the rain gently comes down outside.

So if you are in your own head a little too much to get what you need to do done, take a breath and do a small/short task (preferably for someone else), and then try to go back to your original larger task.

And if you are a cook or baker, please share your short recipe in the comments section!  I love new recipes!

~ Becky


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