Encouragement through Prayer and Music

I wasn’t exposed prayer (or Jesus) as a way-of-life until marrying my husband 11 years ago. Since then, however, I’ve grown in my faith with the help of my church, 4th Presbyterian, and my personal walk with the Lord through reading his Word (I only do the NIV – New International Version – since its easier to understand than the King James version).

I also have a free app on my iPhone and a hard copy of Sarah Young’s, Jesus Callingthat gives me instant comfort when I don’t make time for my morning prayer time.  Its a daily short write up (or a devotional), that speaks to me as a mom, woman and person.  I can access it any time and it helps me to immediately put whatever is bothering me in that moment into perspective.

As I tackle the challenges and joys of this time in my life, I am more and more aware of the power of prayer for getting me through the big (and small, day-to-day) events of my life.  Even though it doesn’t change the difficulty of a given circumstance, it does remind me that I am never alone and that fact gives me instant comfort.

Prayer provides me with a centeredness and keeps me grounded with what’s important.  That daily reminder is important and really sets the tone for the day. Prayer in the quite of the morning before the kids and family get up is the best!  I find the mornings I do that, the rest of my day goes much more smoothly even if there are bumps in the road.  I didn’t do it today, but writing this post, I’ll be doing so.

On those days when I’m especially tired or exhausted, I also listen to inspiring music at WGTS.org, a Christian radio station in the DC area and I find comfort wash over me.  Not all the songs are my cup of tea but some of my favorites are “You’re an Overcomer” by Mandisa, “Lead Me” by Sanctus Real and “We Won’t be Shaken” by Building 429.  They speak to me right now and have great background compositions.

What are the things you rely on for comfort and encouragement in times of challenge?  Please share a comment!

— Becky


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