A small step now will help you meet your long-term goals

Personal sanity exists where you are right now, between where you’ve been and where you’re going, but how you might ask?

Focusing on something small (clearing out my basement) will move me incrementally toward my personal goal (of living closer to the water with my family) will give you satisfaction that will energize you for another goal.

That means you have to take a step back and prioritize those areas most important to you and focus on just one of those area of your life (personal or professional) and be ok with letting the others go (for now).

My brain doesn’t work well focusing on lots of different things at the same time, so I’ve learned to appreciate small steps forward in whatever sphere of my life I’m focusing on in this moment.

The surprising benefit of this approach is that with a small, incremental success, you’ll feel good about accomplishing your small goal and energized to tackle other areas of your life.  Once I’m done with my basement (which is taking two days, yikes!), I will be in a better mental place to focus on my academic work.

Knowing timing and prioritizing your goals and tasks to meet those goals will keep you moving.  And sometimes that’s all you can hope for if you’re in a transition period of your life or career.

In the famous words of Dori from “Finding Nemo,”  Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming…


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