Welcome to my new blog home!

As if my life isn’t tumultuous enough with looking for a new house, leaving my job last week and starting back in community college 4 weeks ago, I’ve decided to transform my career advice blog into one focused on all of the things that make up this phase of my life (because let’s face it, a  life is merely the ebb and flow of many different facets of a person at one specific point in his or her life.  I am still migrating the content but you can find my older posts about career transitions here in the meantime.

The only way this blog will be valuable to those looking for the elusive “work-life balance,” is if it is an authentic look at all of those things that inspire, encourage, annoy and push me to grow as a Christian, wife, mom, writer, cook and student.  Ironically, since I’ve worked for most of my life, career is not on that list.  You know why?  Because its not my utmost priority right now.  My list above is in the order of most to least important in this phase of my life, a time when I’m taking a step back from my career to focus on my family.  It will always be that way (or at least I will strive for that) but the rest of the list will change.

Remember how I mentioned “work-life balance?”  Its a myth.  Because there’s no such thing as “balance” when you’re a woman.  The key to being happy with your life is recognizing you are living your life right now, and that the best day of your life is today if you are intentional about your personal priorities and honest about your real deal-breakers and must-haves.  Does that mean the best things are happening to you?  No.  If you live authenticly, it means you’re embracing the good, the bad and the ugly in the moment.  That’s what life is about.  Seeing, with clarity, the events of you daily life and genuinely walking through those moments as they happen and living them to the fullest as they unfold. More on that as you see it unfold with subsequent posts…

Simplifying/prioritizing will make your life lighter but don’t mistaken the process of simplifying and living in the moment as easy.  It is often a painful process and needs LOTS of practice. So consider me your guinea pig.  I am going through this anyway, so why not come along for the ride.

From time-saving tips to recipes, saving money (as much as my ever-wandering interests allow 🙂 to growing my passions,  transitioning my career goals to learning new skills, this will be a catalog of my life at this very phase of my existence as a hyperactive, intense, ever-curious 40-year old wife and mom of three living in the suburbs of Maryland.

So yes, this is one person’s pursuit of her passions, professional progress and paying the bills.  All are necessary to my life and all are very much in flux all the time!  I welcome you to join me in my goal to provide some practical (and sometimes fun) advice and experiences for accessible sanity.  Because without them, life would be insane and that’s not good for anyone!

Enjoy –


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